PowerTracks & TC Helicon Harmonizer

So I was perusing the Band in the Box web site to evaluate whether I should buy it and I was taken with the TC Helicon vocal harmonizer effects included with it. It’s something I would like to try in my recordings. Well, TC Helicon’s web site revealed that their software STARTS at $250, whereas the BIAB is only $88. BIAB is not quite what I want, as I am looking for just some drums/percussion to accompany me (Jamstix maybe?). Looking over at their PowerTracks Pro Audio recording software, however, it also includes the TC Helicon effect, and for only $49. It may be worth purchasing just for this plug-in.

Anyone try the PowerTracks recording software? Has anyone tried the TC Helicon Harmonizer included with these? Is there a reasonable alternative to try?

Here’s a link to PowerTracks:


Here’s the Harmonizer:

TC Helicon Harmonizer

The Harmonizer sounds pretty doggone good. Ppwer Tracks Pro Audio 11 is a nice piece of software especially if you dabble in MIDI and double especially if you use BIAB. I have them both and really enjoy them for creating compositions from simple ideas that arise from messing around with “styles” in BIAB.

If you are a straight up audio recording type… PT Pro WILL do the job. It’s just a little clunky user interface wise. If I’m doing straight audio recording I fire up n-Track, Cubase LE or Samplitude SE. Been messing around with REAPER lately too.


Thanks, D. I’m happy with n-track, just would like to experiment with the Helicon Haromonizer, I may spring for the Power Tracks. Trouble is I’ll have to record the vocals with Power Track then move the vocal wave file back to n for final editing, sounds like a pain.

Read up on it before you pop for PT. I Think the manual is on the PG website. There are a couple “gotcha’s” with using the harmonizer. For example, I think to get decent results, it must have a MIDI “guide” track to make the harmonized voices follow the melody and pitch properly.

Check it out good before you buy.


PS If the manual is not up at the PGMusic site, PM me and I will email you a PDF file.

Whoa, a midi guide track for the Harmonizer. Not worth the trouble, although from some of the samples I heard on their web site, it sounds pretty good.

How does the hardware work, then, to get a guide track? I’ve also listened to TC Helicon’s samples on-line and they sound pretty good.

thanks for the advice.


How does the hardware work

The hardware units I have read about work by the user entering the song key via front panel controls and the unit “intelligently” (sic) tracks and generates the harmony. They also have MIDI input so you can play the actual melody and the harmonies are generated from that. Think about it a minute… simple pitch shifting up or down an octave is not the same as generating harmonies. The machines are smart but not that smart. They have to use some “outside” assistance.