presets in C3 Compressor Plug-In...

don’t show after I install. All that shows is “init.” Anyone know what I’m doing wrong? I’m using v3.3.

Thanks in advance

I’m not familiar with that particular compresssor, but what if there shouldn’t be any presets available. You make them yourself and the save them in the palce of the init.?

There are presets for that plug.

It’s a long time since I used n V3 but IIRC there were problems with some presets on some plugs. Also IIRC a workaround was something to do with clicking on the icon that renames the preset. That then brings up a dialogue box with the old name in there to be typed over. Whilst it’s a total PITA you can go through the various “inits” and find the one you want.


X… you are right on about the renaming. When I click on rename, the name of the preset is there, but I can’t get them to apply to the pull down preset menu - even if I call them something different. This is the same multiband compressor included with v4.x with the same presets, just not named.