where to find nTrack plugin presets

Where can I find some good nTrack plugin presets.


Not quite sure what you mean by "nTrack plugin presets."



Well someone’s gonna say it sooner or later so I s’pose I might as well start…

You’re better off using your ears and making your own presets to suit your own style and your own music.

I know Flavio’s Echo and Chorus have presets and that’s OK, but presets for things like the Compressor is almost meaningless…

Plenty of articles on the 'net give basic settings for compression that work well as a starting point, but until you dial in the Threshold, it’s all pointless.

Sorry, not what you wanted I’m sure.


The nTrack “Compressor plugin” has a preset : “Soft Knee Compression”.

I have tested Wave Arts ( ) “Trackplug” Compressor & EQ plugin.

It has several good presets. “Aucoustic Guitar”, “Vocal-Male” … and many more …

They are very good and I can tweek the EQ
(but I do not understand the compression).

Wave Arts ( ) “Trackplug” is — $$$$$ 199.95 —
and it may be worth it because it is really good !?

I have a Demo-version-3 and if you put your system clock forward before istalling
and then back again you may use the demo indefinitely.

Their reverb is allso really good but the demo don’t work more than 30 days.

Now I suspect that it is the presets that make them that good.

It is like a computer. If there is no good software supplied … well
you have to get anoteher computer.

So if there is no good nTrack presets I have to register Wave Arts “Trackplug”
(I could use the demo but I try to be onest).


Yup. The only way presets would help is if we all had exactly the same equipment, the same rooms to record in, the same instruments and the same voices.

Then everything would sound exactly the same and what would be the use for anybody to record anything…


I like to use the “classic” series of plugins found here: Kjaerhus audio

They are FREE and the “presets” are pretty good. Of course, like TimObrien alludes to, we all have different tastes so…use them if you can.


Quote (Mark A @ Feb. 02 2006,07:31)
I know Flavio's Echo and Chorus have presets and that's OK, but presets for things like the Compressor is almost meaningless....

Mark, in a sense you're right, of course. Still, I wouldn't diss even compressor presets. Sometimes they are a handy starting point for further tweaking - and learning what the plugin can do.

Actually we had a similar discussion at the UAD-1 message board a while ago. Seemed I wasn't the only one who likes to try a preset or two as a source of ideas. Nobody used presets only, though. Everybody saved their own.


Nobody used presets only, though. Everybody saved their own.

I’m not sure if that counts as irony or not. I agree with the idea of saving settings that work for you and the way you work - and they’ll make great places to start in the future - but I guess in a purists view, all material is unique and should be approached as such.