Presonus Firebox...anyone using yet?

Just Curious. I am hearing good things in press reviews and wanted to see if anyone here has tried it. Only thing I’m worried about is that it comes with Cubase LE and I don’t need that kind of temptation in my life. :laugh:

After doing lots of research on this item, and considering my needs, this is what I have finally decided to get. I ordered it Feb 12 so I haven’t received it yet. Sounds like a pretty solid piece of hardware. I know there have been complaints about the drivers but I think overall I have seen that on almost everything interface on the planet. As far a cubase is concerned, NAH!

I tried one, got (presumably) a faulty one, then poor customer service. Ditched it for M-audio 1814.

Caveat: I’m just a beginner at N, but

I got one a few weeks ago and it worked perfectly from boot-up, zero bugs.

I got it so i could take my laptop to my buddies house and record a full band. I did go to his house and recorded six miked drums and a bass track simultaneously, with one channel left over, and it sounded excellent. When i played it back over the PA, it sounded like we were playing live.

I play guitar/bass and sing. I’ve recorded two songs so far using the Presonus and i have nothing but praise for it.

Also, you can record the input from a sp/dif source at the same time giving you 10 possible tracks, pretty cool.

The two sp/dif tracks could be the output of a mix deck or a keyboard. I plan to use it for keyboards so that i can record bass, drums, guitar, keys and a scratch vocal at the same time.

:D --jb

JB thats good to hear…I am really looking forward to mine.
I hope mine works as well as yours. I don’t believe there are many good customer service dept’s these days.

Syn707, yep, if you have to depend on tech support these days, you’re pretty well hosed. Not because the people you get on the other end be they in Malaysia, India, Mexico or wherever can’t do the job because they can, they just receive zero training and are kind of thrown to the wolves. I have personal experience with this and i’ve seen that the offshore thing, though i don’t agree with it, can work if the techs receive proper training on the item they are supposed to support. Anyway…

I’m definitely diggin the Firepod. I had the Delta 66 with the Omni Studio breakout box and that would have worked fine for a one man show, but since i’m trying to get to the concept of live playing, i really needed the multiple inputs of the Firepod.

I forgot to comment on Silver’s ealier comment about it coming bundled with Cubase. I’m curious about it, but i haven’t had time to even fire it up. I’m “just” now getting successful recordings with n so i’m not gonna switch just yet.

I was getting pretty frustrated with the screeching feedback in the headphones after 20-25 minutes but supposedly that’s been fixed with the latest beta v. I’ve downloaded it but not installed yet. I’ll definitely be upgrading and recording at least one new song on the long weekend coming up.


I just purchased the Firebox and it should be here within a week. Can’t wait. I was having so many problems with my Tascam US-122 (USB in general) and I figured it was time to upgrade to firewire. Seems much more reliable. I mean, I’ve run my external hard drives in both usb 2.0 and firewire, and firewire is much more stable. Never cuts out or makes loud screeches like usb, so I’m hoping this interface will be as smooth. :)

not sure about the firebox, but i’ve got the firepod and its been solid. i’ve had it for about a month now and haven’t had any probs.

i actually really like cubase le, so i hope this doesn’t replace N soon :( although its pretty limiting in the effects department (you can only have two inserts at a time)

anyhow, anxiouxs to hear about the firebox once you get it.