problem copy&pat

hi to everyone sorry for my english, i’m italian and this is my first topic in here
i’ve got the last full registered version of ntrack and i’ve got some problems , one of these is in the function of Copy&paste…it doesn’t work…could you help me?



I have an earlier version of n-Track than you do. However, could it be that you are trying to copy a file from a CD? For my version the file must first be copied onto the computer’s hard disk. Then it can be copied & pasted from the hard disk into n-Track. Hope this helps.


PS - your English is fine.

ueh hi john

thank you for your answer but the problem of mine is in the piano roll window when i try to copy an event like a note and paste it…it works vary bad…maybe it’s a software bug


What does it do or not do? It sounds like it is copying and pasting, but just not pasting to the correct location?

The first time you try, it’s confusing.

When you paste, the pasted notes start where the playback cursor is (the vertical black line).

If you want the notes to line up in a measure the same way they were, you have two options.

1) Put a temporary note at the beginning of the measure and copy/paste that, too.

2) Go to the timeline view. Turn on the grid. Drag to select the measure(s) you want (in the MIDI track only), copy, drag to select where you want it to go, and then paste.

hi boys, the problem is in the piano roll window, in the erlier versions of ntrack i never had any problems of copy&paste, in the 4.0 the function of copy is ok but the real problem is in the paste (not in the past :D what a stupid joke!!!) who doesn’t work with the mouse button clickin and not with CTRL+C…the problem is that the events are not pasted or are pasted in the wrong place of the piano roll…anyway, now i 've contacted Flavio Antonioli and i’ve returned to the version before…