Problem w/ v4.0 buffer settings?

Has anyone else had problems saving custom buffer levels in the 24-bit version 4.0?
After hours of tweaking I finally found a setting that would produce noise and drop-free audio from my M-Audio 1010 card, but every time I go back to the settings, the revert to the lowest level buffer setting (even though highest level is still displayed in the drop down box).
Yes, I emailed Flavio. Just curious if anyone else has seen this behavior. Doesn’t seem to be a problem in the 16-bit version.

WDM or ASIO drivers?


Nevermind! Flavio explained that if I was using the asio drivers, the soundcard’s mixer would set the buffering level (rtfm!)
Is there a compelling reason why I should use the asio drivers instead of the wdm?
Ugh! I’ve spent two weeks now trying to get clean audio out of what I thought was a powerhouse DAW.

Either should be able to work well. The ASIO pundits will yell that better latencies can be achieved with ASIO drivers as they bypass the Windows Kernel altogether. Use what works best for you!

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Well we finally sorted it out. Once I knew that the n-track buffer settings weren’t used for ASIO drivers, it was just a matter of trying different buffer settings in the M-audio mixer (starting at default and going higher one by one until we found the sweet spot. It’s working great now, so thanks to everyone who offered solutions.