Problem with asio driver and Zoom U-22 Interface

First off…I love n-track. I am having an issue with using the asio driver for my zoom u-22 interface. The track will play from the beginning, but when I stop the track and push play again…no sound even though the meters are active. I’ve tried this on 2 different machines with the same results. Using the same interface on Mixcraft and Cubase…no problem. Starts and stops with no playback problems.

I’ve downloaded the most recent drivers from zoom but problem remains. have also updated N-Track to most recent version.

Using Wasapi driver seems to work better…but would prefer to stick with Asio if possible.

Any thoughts for a fix or n-track update to address this issue?

Hello jingleman,

does the problem occur playing a particular file?
Does the recording work? If yes, does the problem occur also trying to playback a just recorded part?

Which sample frequency are you using? Which number of bits? (Settings->Soudcard’s settings->Playback format)