Problem with Aux channels in v4


Is anyone else having trouble with there Aux channels in v4?

Most of my tracks function ok but some will not respond properly to movement in the Aux send faders; when playback is in progress a movement will enable the Aux at the fader volume but as soon as you stop playback and restart it it’s as if the Aux send is at zero (which it’s not!)

Help, this is maddening!


I’ve had a similar problem. . . With me it works if i’m just mixing, but if I try to do any effects automation I can’t get the Aux channels to work at all. I’ve tried recording in the aux moves, tried drawing the curves, just can’t get it to send a signal when I stop and re-start.

Yup, that’s it!

I’ve just tried some experimenting and the problem seems to come into play with the introduction of a midi track.

I’ve sent a report to Flavio so hopefully he’ll be able to get it fixed.