problem with B4

cant get a sound out of it in n-track

After recently updating to n-track 4.04 I can’t get Native Instruments B4 to make a sound. All other plugins work fine. Anyone else experience this problem? B4 works fine in the standalone app and through Chainer (independent VST host program)


I feel your pain, Rod! It worked in version 3, but now that I’ve updated to V4 it doesn’t.

I know this isnt an exact solution…can you use a subsititute like Organized which is a free vsti of the organ emulation. Im not the pickiest organ user but as a nice pad in the mix…it works very nicely…at least in the meantime while Flavio figures out a way to get B4 working in N v4.

Rod posted on the other thread that upgrading B4 fixed the problem for him. I guess I’ll have to use V3 until I get B4 upgraded.

Organized Trio rocks, but it doesn’t play quite like B4. Plus I have lots of keys and controls on my keyboard mapped to B4 functions, and OT doesn’t use the same controller numbers, unfortunately. Not to mention I’d have to set up my drawbar programs, which I have mapped to the keys below C2 (but adjusted for the fact that OT’s tonewheels sound different, so you use slightly different settings to get the closest sound).

I was having this problem and I can confirm that the latest d’l of B4 IS working in N 1826. But I don’t know if it was N or B4 or both that changed in order to fix the problem. But both updates are free so I’d say go for them. N 1811 has been pretty good and 1826 seems pretty good as well so far.


TRACK - add empty track MIDI - (new track appears)

TRACK - MIDI - add new instrument channel - VST - select NI B4 - new meter strip in mixer appears marked ‘synth’ - (‘note’ no new track appears)

right click mouse in midi track - OUTPUT to B4 -

click LIVE -

play away - thats how it works for my B4 and any other soft synth -

There really is a problem with ealier versions of B4 and/or N 4.xx. You couldn’t even load B4, click “Live” and use the mouse to click the B4 ui keys and get sound. But thanks for reminding how to setup N to use a controller - that reminder can’t be posted too many times!

B4 version 1.1.5 - N track 4.0.5 beta - windows 2000 pro

like you I had serious problem getting the B4 to play in N -

what cured the problem was not the problem with B4 not working (i had given up on that) but i bought the Linplug CRONOX sample playing soft synth - this did not work either -

i contacted Flavio who said R.T.F.M - then he explained how to do it -

where i was going wrong was i had inserted the synth as an effect in a midi channel - not so - following the setup (posted above) CRONOX played, so i tried same setup with the B4 and that worked - so glory, glory, well not exactly since i added an upgrade to B4 from the NI website in an attempt to get it to work, the B4 will not open in standalone mode, all i get is an empty frame (no GUI) i have reinstalled B4 many times but standalone has gone away apparently for ever -

have you had your letter from NI ? they have dropped the cost of the B4D controller by a lot, see the NI website - might get one but i am looking seriously at the Roland sp606 sampler at the moment - i have the sp303 and the 606 is what the 303 should have been - the 303 has some of the best effects i have ever come across and the 606 is even more stacked -

if you like soft synths, the CRONOX with its ability to use up to two samples as oscillators is a cracking piece of work -

have you got the electric pianos from NI - personally i think they are a bit expensive - i found a freebie that does a passable job called Mr RAY - you will have to search on the web for that as i cannot remember where i downloaded it =

yours dr j

MrRay73 is the bee’s knees. Find it at If you downloaded MrRay 2.1 and like it, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

For Rhodes, I mostly use my own jRhodes3 soundfonts, especially the stereo one. I sampled my 1977 Rhodes Mark I Stage Piano to sound the way I like it, with EQ and mild stereo imaging, to sound almost like vibes when played softly but bark hard when I dig in. I also use MrRay73 for a more typical vintage sound. I use both live and in the studio.

MrRay is from the same guy who coded Organized Trio, mentioned above. Guido be da man!