Problem with punch-in

When I try to record using punch-in, the track starts playing 5 seconds before the punch point, then stops just prior to the punch point and creates an empty wav file.

I don’t use Punch In, so i can’t really help you other than to suggest how i do what you’re trying to do.

Using Punch In with a tape machine (where you have limited tracks) makes sense. Using Punch In with N (where you have “unlimited tracks”) isn’t quite as practical. So i don’t mess with it.

If you don’t arm any track to record, N will create a new track. So set your cursor just prior to the ‘punch in’ spot, and start recording. N will place your new Part in a new Track.

When you’re done recording, resize the new and old parts to eliminate the unwanted sections. N will automatically jump from one Track to another. If you zoom way in, you can resize the parts so the jump is seemless.

When it comes to plugins and other Track settings, you’ll want identical settings on both Tracks. You have 2 options…

1. Cut space in the old Part and drag the new Part (using Shift-Ctrl while you click and drag) into the hole. You end up with what you’d have had doing a Punch In.
2. Clone the old Track (with all settings except the WAV file) and drag the new Part into the clone Track. Settings are identical.

Hope this helps.