program freeze

on trying to open .sng file

When I start n-Track, the program alerts me if any audio devices, that were in use last time I ran the program, cannot be opened (e.g.: if a usb/fw device has not yet powered up).

So far so good.

But if I get such an alert and then try to open a .sng file, the program freezes completely and has to be forced to close.
I don’t know exactly when this behaviour started.
It happens with builds 1974 and 1976 and I’m quite certain it didn’t happen some time ago.
Could someone please try to reproduce this?

Try resetting the preferences in n-Tracks, then select your ports of choice, and giving the song a try again. Sometimes the port selections can get confused in the app (actually the ports have changed in the apps view but it doesn’t know) and that messes with opening songs.

Also, look in the preferences and make sure there are enough AUX returns selected by default. There is an old bug that reverts occasionally that if there are less than the necessary number of aux returns in the master than a song uses the app will crash when opening a song that needs more. If your song was saved with 2 aux returns, even if you don’t use them, then there needs to be 2 in the mixer already when the song is opened.

Thank you for your reply.
It’s definately not the “AUX-bug”; songs load flawlessly if only the currently selected audio device is working ok.
I was just curious if someone else could reproduce this.
If so, I would know this is a (minor and avoidable) n-Track issue and hopefully not the first sign of a general system faillure ???