Project compatibility...

V6 to V5 ?

Has anyone done any project compatibility testing with projects SAVED in V6 and opened in V5? I would like to continue collabin’ with n-Track users but I am not upgrading to V6. It’s not a big deal… I was just wondering?

The V6 Beta builds expired so I can’t test myself.


I have both 4, 5, and 6 on one computer (I don’t recommend 4 and 5 on one computer but 5 and 6 don’t seem to be a problem - I keep the “Use Net” Option Unchecked!) So far I have opened version files 5 with no problem, however, I did run into one problem with an old file that may have been done with 3 or 4 - or the sng file may simply have been corrupt. The wave files were imported into 6 with absolutely no issue. All the other sng files opened corectly as far as I know to this point.
On my Studio computer - I’m using version 6 - I am keeping 5 but I did a search for all the npk files and deleted them. I think those npk file would be the only thing that would cause a problem between versions.
So, far, so good!

Yeah, but he means backwards compatibility, right?
Will a V6 .sng file open in V5?

Backward compatibility is V6 opening V5 files.
Forward compatibility is V5 opening V6 files.

To get that V6 would need to Save-As songs in V5 format. Don’t think it does, but it could be added to the suggestion list.

save as .edl

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Sep. 02 2008, 2:27 PM)

save as .edl

D'oh! Couldn't see the forest for all them darn TREES! Forgot my own suggestion...

To do collabs, n-Trackers can just send me wav's and EDL files and we can swap 'em around all day... Sometimes I have them thar brain-farts... It was that Mexican food I had last night... Musta went to my head! :laugh:


Can’t u use one of the v6 beta versions with the older keys?
Even though


Can't u use one of the v6 beta versions with the older keys?

Nope. They expired when Flavio released V6 "FINAL". Rightfully so I might add. After all, he's in this to make a buck. It's just to ME V6 brings nothing new to the table worth me investing another 40 bux in... I'd rather take that 40 and buy my son a license to err... that "other" program... :whistle:

The EDL export will do just fine. I can't believe I forgot...


I own Reaper and several others D - if we do anything together I’ll be covered - not like you’d shell out 40 bux to be able to work with friends on the Forum. :whistle:

I’m not sure but I think you won one :)

Well… truthfully? It ain’t the money. My blood pressure goes up when I try to use n and it won’t do something I need or has one its “fits”. Seriously, a lot of editing tools I LOVE in ‘R’ don’t have anything close in n-Track. Granted, most of them really come into play with live recordings but some of them are great for “studio” type stuff.

I’ll think about it some more… maybe when the V6 disappointment factor wears off a bit…

Gotta RUN! It’s Wednesday! Church time! :agree:


Hey Diogenes, that EDL export doesn’t pass all of the parameters, just the basics. I used it to export all my stuff over to Reaper, then had to remix everything by referring back to nTrack, which took a lot of time. It was definitely worth it. But it clearly showed that there is no universal transfer mechanism to go between DAWs.

I’m another faithful nTracker that is quite disappointed with v6, since it doesn’t address those features (flexible routing and pitch correction plugin) that forced me to look elsewhere. But even though I’m having to continue to work on the sidelines (with R), I’ll always be lurking on this forum. As I said before, here’s hoping for v7.



Hey Diogenes, that EDL export doesn't pass all of the parameters, just the basics.

Yep. Basically you get your wav files lined up and ready to remix. It's not a straight export it and BANG you're done kind of deal but it's still a huge time saver!