Project Saving options?

My question is for the iOS version of n-Track Pro. Is there a way (within settings) to control saving of changes within a project so that it only saves and updates the current project file when I choose to save???
What I’m looking for is the ability to make changes to a project I’m working on and then press “save” where that would update the current project file and keep the same project name.
I grow weary of finding so many project versions when I press “Open Song” to go to one of my projects.
Just curious, I frankly LOVE n-Track and all the current features just the way it is now.


there is currently no way to disable auto saving on exiting a song. If you want to create a fixed version of a song, you can save to a new sng file, say A.sng, then save or open another one, say B.sng.
Now the working song is B.sng, A.sng will no longer be touched by n-Track.
Note that when n-Track auto saves a song, a backup of the old version is automatically created in the Snapshots folder, and also each song always contains the latest undo changes, so even if you happen to save a song with unwanted changes, you can load it and undo unti you get back to the desired state.


That is awesome information! Thank you sir for giving me the details I needed, I think that will make my file saving structure turn out exactly the way I’d like it to turn out.