proper "wave settings?"

for M-Audio FastTrack Pro & stock sndcrd

I’m running a laptop with
Pentium M 1.5g
768mb RAM
I’m still back on nTrack 4.2.1 build 2099, too.

I just bought the M-Audio FastTrack Pro and have gotten the confounded thing to work, but now I need to get Ntrack set to deal with it.

I can get it to record into Audacity, and my MIDI in is working with Finale, so I’m almost 100% sure the box is working.

I did have issues a long time ago when I tried drivers from ASIO4ALL, I abandoned the drivers but did need help from this forum getting my settings back the way they were.
I have a basic soundcard, which probably doesn’t help - the SigmaTel C Major.

Here are screenshots of my nTrack Wave Settings and Soundcard Properties, and the error message I get from nTrack when attempting to record a new track or playback an existing SNG.
I get the dialog, and when I click OK, I get the dialog again…click OK a 2nd time and it goes away.

Any ideas what settings I need to use?
Thanks much!

"error opening wave device.
make sure that the sampling frequency and the output format set in the dialog box that appears clicking on the Setting button on the playback vumeter are supported by the soundcard.
if you’re using WDM drivers (selected in the Preferences/Wave devices dialog box) make sure that you’re not using the Microsoft MIDI synth (selected in the Preferences/MIDI/MIDI devices dialog box) that inhibits the use of the WDM device that the synth outputs to."

default when I opened was
audio playback devices: 1-WDM: SigmaTel Audio
audio recording devices: 1-WDM: Fast Track Pro In 1/2

My first guess would be that you are recording (on the M-audio) files at a bit depth or sampling frequency that your playback card (SigmaTel) can’t handle. Try setting everything to 16/44.1 and see if that helps.

See if the problem goes away when selecting the same input and output device, such as MME: Fast Track Pro Out 1/2 and MME: Fast Tracks In 1/2 (or SigmaTel…switch to MME for WDM). See if there’s any combinations that get around the issue.
Regardless of whether or not those are the devices you want to use it will help troubleshoot the problem.

The reason I suggest that is because those errors are the same kinds received when trying to use a Line6 GuitarPort for input (recording directly fromthe GuitarPort input device) and playback is something other than the GuitarPort output. That’s been a long running issue. It’s not n-Tracks fault either, as the GuitarPort (for whatever reason) requires both input and output to be the GuitarPort. The GuitarPort is a USB device as is the M-Audio FastTrack Pro.

Phoo, your advice clinched it. Thanks so much.