Proud papa to 2 telecasters

Well the journey is over, the sale is complete. The wheeling and dealing yielded vastly differing results. A bit of a story to tell you about trying to acquire a Nashville Power Telecaster

Was not able to find retailer with good price point who would ship to Canada at good rates, and several would not ship Fender products outside the US at all. So I decided to pursue at the local level.

Local music shop quoted price of $1000 Cdn. I felt this was a bit too high so asked for a quote for Nashville Telecaster (minus the fishman power bridge). Came back at $750 Cdn. At this point it’s appearing to me that the local shops are using the suggested retail price quoted by Fender.

At this point my mind is speaking to me. It is saying I would love to have an American made telecaster and boy oh boy the American Series Telecaster HH (two enforcer humbuckers) looks pretty sweet.

So I do a little research on the web found one at an American site. I noticed a slight error in their product code and contacted them by email to let them know of the error and assuming they cannot ship Fender products to Canada.
They contacted me back and informed me they can ship Fender products to Canada and gave me an 800 number.

Anyway I called them spoke to Micheal Lee a sales agent. He gets payed a comission on these guitars. So we spoke and I asked for a quote for three guitars.

Nashville Power Tele- 669.99 US
American Tele HS- 974.40 US
American Tele HH- 974.40 US

I hemmed and hawd and he told me he could arrange a better deal as he gets payed on commision.

Nashville Power Tele - 600.00 US (free shipping to Canada)
Nashville HH- 869.00 US (free shipping)
Nashville HS- 869.00 Us (free shipping)

At this point I know I will purchase from this guy but I have to set my mind at ease and step back a bit and decide which one. So I called the wife for mutual support. She says "Why don’t you get two guitars. My jaw just dropped.

So back on the phone to Mike Lee and ask what kind of deal I would get if I buy two axes.

The deal I ended up with was $1400 US for a Nashville Power Tele and an American Series HH Tele. Hard shell case and gig bag included, free shipping to Canada.

Signed sealed and delivered.

So a shout out to Micheal Lee at www. Love ya like a brother and congrads on your new daughter.

Well done. Sweet deal… and can your wife have a little chat with mine :slight_smile:

Having a “story” behind a guitar that you own makes it that much more special. Nice.

Pleased for you, big styley


you da man if i ever saw
reminds me of the time i went into the music store for “strings”…lol…came out and mama said"did ya get yer strings?" nope,not enough money…well how much ya need she says diggin in her purse,only 930.00…no you cannot get another guitar she says stampping her foot.
1 anda half hrs later i was the proud owner of a new 91 jeff beck sure did help that it was purple,id’a bought it if it was yellow and would have had been the Stu H sig model,i loved it that much.but being it was midnight purple i think that helped sway her a bit.
happy for ya man,welcome to the Fender Army!

ps,maybe we should have a slight round of aplause for the cool old ladys of the world

Quote (StuH @ May 12 2006,15:13)
So I called the wife for mutual support. She says "Why don’t you get two guitars. My jaw just dropped.

You better be real nice to your wife for a while… she wanted your jaw to drop… now on your knees, boy… :D

Ohhh she will definitely be getting lotsa mileage out of this.

It’s going to take awhile to get my hands on these cause I gi back to work on Tuesday and will be in for three weeks. :(

The HH model has two Fender enforcer pickups one at the neck one at the brridge. I don’t know what to expect from this axe. Cannot find any user reviews at all and posted in a huge tele group and didn’t get a bite.

Any thoughts on tonal characteristics for these pickups???

did you end up getting the HH? i just ordered up an HS - should be this model and color in particular:

can’t wait.

Quote (wozz @ May 13 2006,05:17)
ps,maybe we should have a slight round of aplause for the cool old ladys of the world

Agreed. My wife just forced me to buy a mandolin. :)

just to add, when replacing stuff after a house fire, the missus told me to buy the $2000 taylor 12string, instead of getting a 300$ guitar (non-taylor) to replace my old beater.

I couldn’t order it fast enough =)

She tells everyone it’s hers, but I’m the one that gets to play it all the time =)

Hi Mark A and Guys:
Good to see you back on here… and on this thread. What a deal this guy has going… A lot of guys I know say it’s tough to invest in guitars unless they can get them in their hands and play them before they part with the cash…

StuH… Is there anything in the deal that can let you return these guitars if there happens to be some unknown flaws that could change your mind?? I hope I don’t sound overly pessimistic… But who knows what you’re gonna get till you actually plug them in to an amp?

You’re gettin a good deal on the shipping… :O :;):