PSP MasterComp

I just bought it

I just bought this plug-in from PSP Audio, just to support these guys because I like their stuff so much -PSP.

But I don’t know how to use it?!?! Here’s what it says:


Extremely transparent compression thanks to double precision (64-bit floating point) and double-sampled (FAT mode) algorithms
Low distortion thanks to MasterComp’s precise level detector, which includes an optional automatic attack and release time adjustment
Wide range of controls
Over-threshold compression and expansion
Advanced side chain filtering, channel linking and compression tilting capabilities
Mix control allows you to blend processed and clean signal
MasterComp includes a high quality brick wall output limiter with automatic release time
Advanced PPM/VU meters with textual readings and adjustable parameters


Controlling or revitalizing the dynamics of a final mix during Mastering.
Controlling or revitalizing dynamics of a signal of main tracks, groups and entire mix during mixing.

Hey Mike I was going to get that too, but I have the vintage warmer - how does the new one differ from it?

Good question - all I know is that they are different. Here are some thing said on their forum:


Exactly what I plan to do. MC for compression as needed, VW for final limiting…

They are completely different plug-ins with different sound capabilities and features. Their overall GUI layout is just similar to show that this is a plug-in from the high-end family of PSP plug-ins.

MC is is a single band compressor. VW is a multiband compressor/limiter.

It’s got to be more than that because you can put VW into single-band mode.