Punch in/out points on the fly?

I have 10.6.8 version Mac OX S and am using similarly antiquated n-track version 2.2.2 (which is as far as this Mac can go). Hope to do better.

Is it possible to capture and set punch in and out points on the fly, as it plays, (instead of entering timeline times in the boxes)? If so, how to do it? ~Lefty7

Am I to set makers as it plays, and then enter those times for p.i. and p.o.? Is there a quicker way?

Or am I wasting my time with this? Like another said in a related thread: with almost unlimited tracks available, why bother with punch ins?


With the current version you can draw a selection on the upper time axis or by dragging over the track, then you can activate punch-in recording shift-clicking on the “1234” button on the lower transport toolbar.
On previous versions of n-Track there was a dedicated punch-in upper toolbar, however I don’t think that it that toolbar was there in the Mac 2.x version, I think at that time it was a Windows only feature. The Mac version reached feature-parity with Windows at version 8.0, when we unified the version numbers (from the previous n-Track 7.x for Windows and 2.x for Mac).


That was very helpful.