Punch in setting problem

Is that happening just to me?

Hi there again!

I’m having a problem with punch in with v5. It works okay with v 3 on my computer.

The punch in/Multiple takes recording setting doesn’t seem to work well. The new song takes wave forms, intead of sticking to the selection area, appears further and further away from selection area as it goes on to a new track, thus forming like a staircase.

And I don’t see “Add all takes when finished” and “Add tracks as they are recorded” options. I also go to Setting > Punch in setting > … and nothing comes up. The manual says it’s there. I’m sad that I can’t use one of the greatest features of n-Track very well.

I asked Flavio two days ago. No reply yet. Looks like he’s busy getting us new builds. But those new builds doesn’t solve my problem either. Does that also happen to you or is it just me being the unluckiest guy here?

Francis :(

Dunno Francis… I’ve never used “punch-in” in my life. With virtually unlimited tracks… why bother? ???


I’ve had similar troubles, Francis - but the results were mixed. It worked OK one time, and I experienced something similar to what you did another. I’ve only used it that one time in V5 so far. I’m sure Flavio will look into it.

I find punch in recording pretty useful, D, being a mediocre player :D . That way if I’m working on a solo or something I don’t need to keep hitting stop and record. My preferred method is to have it lay them down as individual tracks, but I get as many tries as I like. And sometimes the first part of one solo gets cross-faded with the end of another - the parts that sound good.

EDIT: I’ve always thought it would be handy to have some kind of “punch-in playback” (no record) feature, so that when you’re trying to get the volume, pan, or effect level right on a particular section of the song you could just keep repeating that part over and over without having to stop, reposition, replay. Maybe there’s already a way and I just don’t know how.

So I got company. I hope Flavio will work on it asap. It is very useful for me. I never got lead solo (e.g.) right at the first try. So I have to repeat the section a couple times.

HDW, did you try loop command for what you are trying to do, I mean, the punch in during playback? Or is it not helping either?


I’m in the same boat as those that liked the punch in in ver 3. I asked Flavio about it, he replied, but the staircase behavior you describe started happening and I sort of gave up. Haven’t tried it in awhile. I have no idea why he changed the punch in function.

And there it is. Transport --> Loop Selection. That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Francis! I can’t believe I never saw that there before…

Other than the fact that at the end of the selection, before the loop restarts, I get a sound like a “stuck CD” for about 3-4 seconds, that works perfectly.