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Quote: (Diogesneez @ Apr. 03 2009, 9:14 AM)

I had to use punch-in on my old Digital Portastudio but once I went to PC based recording I never use punch. In the old n-Track days I'd just arm a new track and play along then paste the new bits in or fade 'em in/out with envelopes. These days I just do a new take and use lanes then comp the best bits into the final take.

"Punch" seems kind of redundant and fraught with potential problems to me. *shrug*


I did the same d, since the reel days. I tried it with the nV3 but didn't like it.
Now this week, I tried it again and found it extremely precises, saves pasting and noidel time. :agree:
Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Apr. 03 2009, 9:20 AM)

Yep - by the time you get it set up the part could be re done already....

Not true in the new version pop,
just highlight and click go.
No pasting no noidleing.
If you don't like the take just undo.
Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Apr. 03 2009, 9:58 AM)

It's working fine - just did 4 takes in selected region. All to nice tidy takes in sync and nicely layed out with mayo and dejon mustard. You want fries wit' dat?

:D lol yes it's working great!