Purchased Windows Suite. Premium loops usable 4 Android?

I have the Suite version purchased and installed on my PC, now I’d like to also purchase the Full Android version. I am just curious if the premium loop content will also be unlocked and available for me if it’s all under the same account? Or do I need to subscribe to the 4.99 per month version? Just don’t like making subscriptions and would rather pay in full if available to avoid.


if you have purchased the Suite edition on desktop, you have access to Suite sound banks also on iOS and Android, provided that you log into the app using the same account/email address that you use for the activation of the desktop version. Note that this doesn’t mean that the desktop purchase also includes the apps for iOS or Android, it just means that the Suite sound banks can be downloaded on mobile too, so you don’t need to subscribe to the Suite edition on mobile, you can just get the Standard or Extended subscription or buy the Pro version (which is the one-time payment equivalent of the Extended subscription).