Quality recordings from MD to PC?

pointer on hardware requested

Dear all,
I wish to do field stereo recordings using MD (Hi-MD?!) and digitally transfer that to PC for processing. (MD’s are so small and nice!)

What would be a good combination of tools? (or possible the best in terms of sound quality) ?

I don’t know anything about the new Hi-MD format, nor modern players and their possibilities. I now use a Sony MZ R70, but have only managed to upload my work in a lossy analog way through MD headphone output to analog in connectors on a DI-Port (MindPrint) connected to my RME PC card.

Are there some kind of MD recorders/players/decks that allow digital transfer to PC via USB2? Or Hi-MD or whatever new stuff is out there?

Someone somewhere said “Why not enter the computer age and get a Hi-MD unit? Then you can upload PCM or Hi-SP compressed recordings (in real time) digitally to a computer using USB to get a wav file you can edit.”

Is that so? Anybody here actually doing this?

So given the above, I’d very much appreciate a pointer (not to ebay please!) as to what might be a good setup. If it’s available in Europe that is even better!


Try having a browse around this site…


There’s a forum on there too which might be helpful,
I don’t know enough about it personally.

Hope that helps in some way.


Dont know if youre still visiting here…but i saw this just now and thought of your post, i know you said no ebay, but it might give you some ideas.