Quantize a drum track

Is there any way to quantize a drum track in n_Track?
If so …how?
Don’t tell me: “Learn how to play drums!!!” :(

yes there is a “quantizising” function in there somewhere…

I am trying to find it…I mean I found it one time, but I couldn’t remember how I got to it…I think it was in the GRID area where you set the lengths of the grid.



How do you use it? Highlight a track and press the button?

Thanks for the help.

Hey Bill, are you talking about a midi drum track or an audio drum track?


I see the quatinize option when I have a wav file cut in prices right click on the track for the menu

It is a wav file.

Ah! Is this wav file converted from midi after dragging it in from ezdrummer? Quantizing a wave file isn’t quite do-able. Did you export a copy of the midi or save it in some way before you converted it?

It is an actual drum track I am assuming from a Roland V set. I am guessing it was exported as a wav file. Definitely not an acoustic kit. No bleed from other tracks. Kind of sketchy timing. If you know what I mean. I have all the sepereate tracks. But it will be super time consuming to go in and tweak everything by hand.

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Another thought, you could use a vst drum trigger that outputs a midi hit. Since you have the individual hits this should work well. Once you have a midi track your can edit as much as your want and then run through a drum vst (eg EZdrummer).

I’ve done this quite a few times and it can work well.

Incidentally, I saw this. Not tried it but certainly will be at some point: