Question about high quality export

Peace .

I use Windows 10

n-Track Studio x64 - 9.1.5

I’m working on a song, I want to export some of the channels [I already know how to export to a file only certain channels and not others ] - and I tried to export in WAV , through save as packed [in EXPORT] I played there with properties and tried everything of ways to export to a file, and I have a sharp musical hearing, and the file does not come out with the same sharpness of quality that is heard within the n-Track itself. I try to play in all kinds of players, and the quality is not with the same vibration of heat and frontality and EQ. More than that, I import the audio file I exported, into the n-Track , and in the software itself it sounds not like the source in the channels that are already inside n-Track. Something in the sound goes to the background [I’m talking about subtle levels of difference but very significant to someone who is a musician] and the vibration is cold and distant compared to the source whose vibration is hot and felt in the ears in a sharper and pulsating way.

Is there a way to export a song from the n-Track into a file that will have the same quality of how it sounds inside n-Track?

The mixdown normally sounds exactly, bit by bit, the same as what you hear during playback.
If you’re re-importing the mixdown into n-Track, make sure that you do that either in a new song, or set reset the master channel (volume, pan, EQ, effects), otherwise the re-imported wav will have the master settings applied twice and will sound different from the song’s regular playback.


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