Questions about the new Beta Version

Problems with the new Beta Version

I just updated to the new beta version of N track studio. A couple of questions: when I do a mixdown and hit “create MP3”, it says you need Blade Enc. I downloaded it, but it still keeps telling me to “unzip the downloaded file in the Blade Enc subfolder of the N track folder”. To be honest, I dont really know what this means. Is there any way for it to automatically encode to MP3 like it did in the old version?

Also, one of the features that I used to really like was that the mini-mixer for the individual tracks (with the level meter and the 3 eq knobs) would pop up automatically when I put the mouse over the left side of the track. Now I have to right click and open it each time. Is there any way to get it to pop up automatically?


Also, they said that by switching to the new beta version, all of the old song files would be fine to use. But now every time I try to play one back, it says “This program has performed an illegal operation and will shut down”

I think Flavio has that utility on his page, somewhere… however it’s posted, But I just don’t have the link to it… It needs to be un-zipped and the placed in the folder in the n-track program… whatever drive you have n-Track installed on…

Some of the guys use other ways to manufacture mp3 files… but for me… doing it with-in the n-Track program, works great, for me…

If you use the .wma compression, you may have to look into that set-up, as well…


hm, i didn’t realize you had to install something seperately to get mp3 encoding to work in n-track. personally, i use dbpoweramp music converter to convert my wav mixdowns to mp3 (or whatever other format you could dream of):

as for your issues with the beta… i have had a few issues with it as well and made some bug reports recently. still waiting for a response/fix/workaround… what is causing problems for me is the new “send to front, send to back” feature on track segments… doesn’t arrange them correctly when opening old .sng files.

it still IS a beta :wink: report your bug on the support page, and provide as much detail as you can. it will make the new version alot better for everyone else when it comes out of beta.

if you are new to the software, i suggest using the other (non-beta) version to get yourself going. that version has been working great for me.

dbPowerAmp no longer does MP3 in the free version… Some legal mess amde them yank that out… Hang on to your old versions folks.

EDIT: After looking at their site, I may be wrong… ???

EDIT2: Ahh, the MP3 encoder is free for 30 days only… So do hang on to your old ones with free forever MP3 support.

hm, interesting. i did not know that. it’s a great program… so i’ll continue to use what i have until the absolute need to upgrade.

Thanks for the info. If I switched to the Beta version, is it possible to switch back to the old N Track 4 version?

uninstall n-track completely. if you know how, make sure the n-track program folder is gone too. then install the non-beta version. your n-track config will be reset, and anything you recorded with the beta version will likely not open in the non-beta version.