"Beta" vs. "released"

Is there, really, any such thing as software that is NOT “beta” (i.e., 100% functional and bug-free)?

I prefer to think of Flavio’s current 4.0.4 “beta” as an ongoing work - always getting better. “Released” software, on the other hand, is getting old from day it is released.

How, exactly, are “beta” and “released” defined?

Alpha - Not all new functions are working, We’ll be adding more later, and maybe even removing some. Might blow up at a moment notice. We probably won’t release this to the general public, but a few folks might get it to play with so we can get feedback about the direction the new stuff is taking. Good for playing with, but that’s about it. Complain loudly now about functionality, but not too much about bugginess. Flavio doesn’t post these.

Beta - New functions that were added to the alpha are set and everything that is going to be removed has been removed. There are new functions that aren’t in the release version, and they are probably still buggy. Don’t bother unless you want to see the new stuff and file bug reports. May good enough to use on a critical project. This is time to work out the bugs. Flavio posts these regularly.

Released - No new functions, should be up to date and relatively bug free, but we know that’s never the case. Think of it as “we think this is good enough for everyone to pick up now and we aren’t going to be adding anything new to this version.” Flavio continues to post bug fixes. He always bumps the version when new features are added, and sometimes doesn’t add anything to the “what’s changes list” if the change is just a few minor bug fixes.

He always bumps the build version, which isn’t a version change most of the time.

I’d like to add…since I don’t have a serious project at the moment, I’ve been grabbing every build of V4.0.4 Beta as soon as I see it. I install then import a bunch of tracks and try to wring it out. Bugs get reported and Flav has been smashing 'em pretty quick. I don’t do a lot of MIDI stuff yet. Anybody wanna be a MIDI guinea pig? :D

Come on guys. Grab those builds and put 'em through the paces. n-Track V4 will become better, faster and everybody will benefit!


Well said! I have been trying every build as well. Since I started using N with my emu1820, it would stutter at the beginning of playback and I decided to live with it. Build 1755 did not stutter and I was really happy :) 1759 stutters and I am getting ready to load 1761. I might have to go back to 55 since it seemed really stable and all of my vst’s work fine. I would still like to see a “save all mixer settings” option, instead of cutting and loading my wav files. It would be so much easier loading my vst’s that way.

Hey gtr4him… do you normally use the autosave feature? The reason I ask is I’ve been trying almost every build as well but just turned on the autosave after installing 1761. It seemed that every time it did a backup, it changed the current .sng to the ~ntrck_backup file and then kept adding the words ~ntrck_backup to the filename over and over again creating a new file every time. By the time I caught it, I had seven autosave .sng files. My newly recorded tracks were using the backup names as well so they got awfully long.

Have you seen anything like this? :p

Nope. I don’t trust the auto stuff. If I add or change anything significant, I just click the save icon or choose save as and name the version something that I understand. I’ve had other proggies that auto-saved stuff bomb DURING the autosave and lost a ton of work. These were not DAW packages though.