"Jet lag, loneliness and adrenalin..."

New song idea from Russell Crowe

I’m at the bottom of a well.

It’s been done…

Jet Lag


I’m not making excuses for his behaviour as he has obviously reacted inappropriately, but if I was paying $3000 USD a night for a hotel room I’d expect that the phone worked!!!

####, if they’re charging that much for the room they could afford to pay someone to check EVERYTHING in the room was functioning ok before you checked in…

Makes you wonder what state the “normal” rooms may be in…
“What? You have a leaking toilet?? Well just be thankful you have a phone to call us up and complain about it…” :)

Yeah but what about the phone throwing part? :laugh:

Apparently, someone has done a video of him from Cinderella Man punching his opponent but with a phone in his hand.

R. Crowe is full of himself. Have you ever seen his band play? He’s terrible IMO but because he’s a famous movie actor, he can easily get gigs.