"Unable to open file" error when recording

I recently updated my WinXP (didn’t want to, but it’s a company laptop!)
Now when I try to record with a line-in from my mini-disc, I get an “unable to open file” error. There isa signal in the VU meter, but N-Track refuses to start recording…
Could it be sound card settings? Software settings? I never had this problem before and I’m baffled!
Hopefully someone here has some idea where to start!


Chris C

can you record otherwise? I mean, it sounds like a problem creating the wav file. See if you can record audio from elsewhere (another input in the line ine, something in the mic in (if you have a separate line in) and interal audio (if you can record internal audio without physically looping). Check all of these that you can. If you still get the same problem, then you have eliminated the recording sourse. Then try reinstalling n-track. Use add/remove programs to fully uninstall (hide you files in another directory so you don’t lose them. You shouldn’t but you never know with windows installer). Then reinstall it. You might have just lost something in N when you upgraded. If this doesn’t work, then it might be a soundcard driver issue, etc. or an issue with your hard drive. Then you would have to use sound recorder and try to record and save a file using this program (be sure you SAVE if you end up doing this. Sound recorder will not create a file when recording. all of the wave data will be saved in a temp file or something, but not as a “wav”. you will need to make sure it can save as a wav. But hopefully you won’t get this far.)


Downloaded the latest ver. of N-Track and reinstalled. Works fine now.


Chris C