"Wrong or Old File Format"

“Wrong or Old File Format”

I searched all the forums for answers on this but no luck. I had just saved a 17 track song, exitted, restarted the computer, tryed to re-open it and this error came up w/o opening up any of the tracks, proceeding to “conveniently” exit the program… am i up a crick??

“Wrong or Old File Format”


had this problem before when I upgraded my N. Is the version you’re using now higher than when you tracked your song. usually N can’t open a file saved in a lower version then opening it to a much higher one. if the case is so, use the older version. hope this helps…


Ok, don’t panic, where there is life there is hope.
The important thing is your hardrive and the files are there somewhere.
There are a couple of things that can cause this, one which has been mentioned already.
I’ve also seen this happen when my hardrive runs out of memory, there’s simpoly not enough space for the computer to do the function I’m asking it so a conveinient wrong or bad file promt comes up. First I’d see how much free space you have left. If that’s not an issue I’d suggest wrting the file names down (all 17 of them) next time you open the project.
There’s a cool little program I learned of in here called db poweramp. It’s a file converter, and is usually used to change files from wav. to mp3 or wma.
Now I’ve also found it usfull in fixing bad files. This would take time for all 17 tracks but in the end you would be able to import them into a new project file, and make all the neccicary ajustments (recyncing) if necc.
Sometime something as simple as freeing up space, and restarting the computer works too.
But always remember the files are there, somewere (unless you delete them) it’s just a matter of locating them, and putting them into propoer format.

Hope this helped, good luck,

keep shinin’