Random BPM changes at 2:27 continuing

I created a new track the other day and started to construct it, as I usually do, putting notes in on the pianoroll to create a beat, then used the Rhodes Bright (great sound!).
I realised on playback that some random BPM changes have appeared and I don’t know how or why but I can’t seem to get rid of them.
I’ve read through the manual about BPM and it explains how to add them but not take them away, they also don’t appear in the MIDI info.
Has anyone else experienced this and can you please help?
Many thanks,


the song tempo and time signature can be sequenced in the “Tempo evolution” box, which you can open via the View → Tempo menu. Make sure that the tempo changes list shows only two entries at the beginning of the song, one for the tempo and one for the time signature.
If the problem is still there please send the song to support@ntrack.com so that we can examine the issue.


Hi Antonioli,
Thank you for your advice, I’ve fixed the problem following your instruction.
It might be worth putting this in the User Manual as I couldn’t find it there.
I’m still intrigued though how over 90 tempo changes could suddenly appear in a project.
I used only pianoroll to create two tracks of N-Track instruments and no plugins or other instruments were used.
Anyway, thank you very much for educating me a little further about BPM changes, I might create some Prog Rock with N-Track.
Best wishes and kind regards,