random change of sample rate?

I’ve been running n-track forever. Now on xp sp2 gigabyte mb, intel 3.2 gh dual core processor, gigabye (nvidia)ge-force 7200 pci-e 16 vidieo card, 4 gig ram. Soundcard is still my Aardvark direct pro 24/96.
I’ve been having trouble with N since V-6. Somedays all is well while other days terible. I think there is a conflict with the soundcard and N. I found a check box on the ark manager that said to warn on sample rate errors. And I would get a warning message that said “can not change sample rate”. I would look in the soundcard manager and sample rate would be changed from my usual 44.1 to 32. Change it to 44.1 and it would be stable for a while. I no longer am getting the warning, but it is still getting changed for some reason. I mixed down a 3 track file, and when I tried to play it the sample rate was back to 32 in the ark manager. The file was correctly mixed at 44.1.

This only occurs when I run N. Melodyne studio will run for hours and hours with no problems.

Does any one have any ideas what would be causing this kind of behavior??
I don’t want to buy a new soundcard or change recording app!!

I also believe this is what was causing my crash on save issue that was happening, but has not happened for quite a while.

You didn’t say - what bit rate have you set in N_track?


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just out of curiosity is there some reason you are not running the Ardvark and Ntrack at 96k?

It has been my experience with certain interfaces that they tend to run better at 96k, I do not know why that is, in fact I have nothing but problems when I try to run my ONYX 1620 at anything other than 96k, I even have to convert 44.1k files to 96k to work on them and play them back with other 96k files in Ntrack, (I know Ntrack does convertions as it play’s different sample rates but that has always been problematic for me.)

I know that isn’t much help but your system sounds like it could run just fine at 96k, for recording, mixdown, and playback.

it could be a bug I heard someones faders where getting away from them the other day…I could see the same thing happening with frequency settings…also, I used to have something similar happen to me when I was downloading a lot of files (mostly wma. and Winamp or some other app was automatically adjusting the playback rate on me)…when I would get back to Ntrack BAMM! what a mess.

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You might send Flavio ( n-Track developer) a support request. There may be something he can see that would make a difference.
I see that the interface is working with another program - is that a version that is older - you seem to be saying that N_Track 5 worked for you. With the Aardvark folks out of business your drivers are getting a bit “long-in-the-tooth” when it comes to working with Windows. I’m pretty sure that version 6 takes advantage of some changes to run faster.
You may have already checked these things but:
Try changing the clock settings in N-Track (Settings>Options). If you are on system clock try uncheck - or visa versa.
See if changing the driver protocol to MME or WDM ( I realize that sounds unrelated, but with an older driver . . .
Uninstall and reinstall the latest driver you can find for the Aadvark.
You might uninstall N-Track version 6 and reinstall version 5 just to see if that makes any difference.
I did find some links to other forum’s comments where users were having trouble with their Aardvark unit because of outdated drivers. Here is a link to a site that claims a driver that worked to fix their problems

You may have already tried all this. I can’t use Presonus interface with any program except Cubase. It seems to me that computer hardware lasts longer than the available software to support it.
I hope something works for you.

Well, I feel pretty stupid. I found out why sample rate kept changing. Somehow, windows system sounds got turned on. I heard a beep when I clicked on something. Checked system sounds, changed it back to no sounds. Sample rates are now rock solid at 44.1.

I still crash to much, but now its nothing like before.

Thanks for all the ideas.

Not just me, then :laugh:

Glad you’re up and running again, Larrye.

Just glad to hear it got sorted :)

So few people ever come back to let us know how things turned out or bother to share the relevant info as to how with the next person in need.

You’re one of the good ones Lar

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It also bugs me when people don’t post back the solutions to problems, so that’s why I posted the solution.