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Help on mixing.

I found professional Multi-Track WAV Files on raw-tracks.com. These tracks are intended to learn how to mix. You pay 5 USD per song. Raw-tracks provides a couple of demo mixes. Now I’m absolutely unable to reproduce these mixdowns using n-track. I wonder, is it possible to get such results using n-track anyway. And to make it even more difficult, use free plug-ins.

I downloaded the song “say what you will”.

Is there someone who is able to make a good mix, using n-track and free plug-ins, who is willing to share it with everyone.

When mixdown is ready upload the mp3 file, and a zip file containing *.sng file and any plugins you used. Raw-tracks provides webspace to do this.

Grtz, Gerben

The idea of reproducing something similiar is beside the point, I guess. There’s a zillion of variables even if you have exactly the same raw tracks - and it’s pretty hard to figure out how the individual are eq’ed, compressed and effected. It would be hard to get exactly same sound even if you’d use exactly same equipment

Therefore I’d reformulate the task: is it possible to make a good mix of those particular raw tracks with N-track and free plugins, not similiar mix.

To that exact question I don’t have an answer not hearing the raw tracks, but if they’re any good I don’t see a reason why not.

In general, free plugin’s fall hard when compared with non-free. Having a good Compressor / Limiter is a must. You can find a lot of info and ‘how to’s’ over the web, but the bottom line is, that you just have to work your ass. It is all about getting hours of experience, having a clear analytical view and knowing what you want to achieve in terms of sound.

hi, i’ve started lurking the boards because I’ve been playing around with N-track with view to a purchase in the next week or so.

My view on this topic would be to state firstly an old but useful saying.
“Garbage in, garbage out”.

Decent music is very much easier to mix than a bunch of junk!

Also, musicians with experience often create music that is quite easy to mix, partially due to the fact that they tend to have good instruments which, often, are well eq-d to begin with.
The importance of good instruments, good musicians, and good material (ie songs etc) cannot be understated by the time it comes to recording and mixing down.

Things get far more complicated if for example the Bass player has a cheap horrible bass guitar, or, if you are forced to use
a cheap microphone with no pre-amp etc. Then, technical issues become a major filter which must be deconstructed / worked through, before the actual work of doing a good mixdown can begin in earnest.

Anyway good luck with your efforts.

In general, what you saying is “be a millioner” and then start thinking about recording. I think, it is very easy to make a shitty mix with top song/ top instruments and top musicians.
It is true that all the above can make a whole lot of difference, but the most importent is having a good ear, focused ame and a lot of experience.

In general, what you saying is "be a millioner" and then start thinking about recording.
I don't think he's saying that. He's saying it's easier to mix a song (for example) when the bass is in tune and the EQ is smooth and it's played at a constant volume level in the first place than it is to fix a bass, with bad intonation and that has resonances that make certain notes stick out in the mix, by applying pitch correction, EQ notch filtering and hard limiting to control erratic volume jumps.

In this case cheap means bad -- not cheap meaning inexpensive. There are many inexpensive mics that sound wonderful, but a $1000 mic won't make a vocalist sing on pitch. Same with all the other instruments and any equipment used.

It's very easy to ruin a perfectly in tune and wonderfully played great song by mixing it badly but impossible to turn a truly bad song or badly played song into a great song just by mixing it well. But a poorly recorded great song can be fixed up in the mix with effort, sometimes lots.

Look at it this way....sorry I can't resist....the clearer a picture of a turd becomes the more crap you'll be able to see. :D

It is true that all the above can make a whole lot of difference, but the most importent is having a good ear, focused ame and a lot of experience.
Exactly, and with those a lot of the problems just go away.

I notice how there’s always more small knobs in the control room, maybe I need shades or something.