RBC Voice Tweaker vs. Oberheim OBTune

do they both work well???

Hey guys,

Well, I guess since there’s no place to by the Oberheim OBTune, I have to look for other possibilities in the auto-tune plug-in world. I can’t spend $400, but I can spend a little bit. What do you guys think about the RBC Voice Tweaker as it compares to the Oberheim OBTune? Like I said, I would really prefer to get the later, but it’s not sold anymore. Will the Voice Tweaker do almost as good of job? I have vocal tracks that are close, but not dead on. Just enough to notice. Does it have an automatic setting?

Let me know what you all think. Thanks.


I evaluated RBC Voice Tweaker along with OBtune. For me it was no contest, OBtune won hands down.
That was several years ago, Voice Tweaker may have improved by now, but at the time it was extremely unstable and was nowhere near as unobtrusive in correcting pitch as OBtune.
Give Voice Tweaker a try (if they still do a trial version) but it’s a shame OBtune is not around any longer.


Check out this site:GVST
There are a bunch of useful plugs here, and at the bottom is a Beta area that has a plug called “Gsnap”. It’s a freeware pitch corrector that’s been under development recently.
It’s surprisingly good quality.

If you want to follow it’s development, go here

Thanks for that bkahuna - worth checking out.

Betabugs are also working on a correction plug called CarToon. I have an early beta but the last I heard development had halted.

My Ob-tune still works fine but one day I may need to rebuild my DAW…


Thanks for that bkahuna - worth checking out.

Actually, after a quick look, I think there are big possibilities for this plug (in fact all of ths guy’s plugs), so I’ve started another thread here.