Hallo folks I like N-Track Studio and I was tryng it 3 months ago. At that time I had some queries about Punch ins, take comping, grouping of clips or events and I also wrote post for feature request but I didint know at that time that REAPER is there. REAPER has everthing and rock stability and features right from grouping events , comping, tempo mapping, to every thing that musician needs. And price is very cheap also. So lot of overwhelmed people are become voluntary marketing agents for reaper. I like the human apporach of N-Track and REAPER bcos of there low price, especiaaly musicians from developing countries like India, China. We can very well afford the price. But I think N-Track should come up with the feaures of comping,Folder Tracks, grouping of events. And I aslo want Ntrack to remain as tight as reaper. Bcos REAPERs Typhoon is spinning every thing from PRO TOOlS to CUBASE, SONAR.