Record amp simulation via n-studio 9

I have n-studio 9, motu m2 interface and the amp simulation S-Gear - Scuffham Amps. When I insert the amp sim as an effect via VST 3, I get clipping and hear 2 guitars, one directly from interface and one out of the amp sim. How do I have to integrate the amp simulation correctly?


make sure you disable the audio interface’s direct monitoring (I think the M2 has a Mon button for that), so you hear only the sound coming through n-Track, otherwise you would hear the signal from the direct monitoring and the audio routed by n-Track to the amp plugin and then the output.


Hello again,
thank you, unfortunately that didn’t work, then I reinstalled the motu and installed it, now it works, but when I want to start a recording, the error message comes: Error openinge File / C / users … new song…

That’s strange. Try to start a new project with the “New song” menu command.
Alternatively try save the current project to a new file in a folder where you know you have permission to write (such as inside the Music or Documents folder) and try recording again. If the problem persists please contact us at and we can try to help.