Record Just Plugin Output

How To?

I have a plugin that is a bunch of processing tools for guitar (Pod Farm).
I am able to add it to a guitar track and process it, but I want to just record
a new track that has only the processed sound, not also the original track.
Is simple to do, right?
But I can’t seem to record the new track without the original
guitar sound that is driving the plugin.
I also tried the aux send, but didn’t work.
Any ideas?

Being a line6 product like my gearbox - I’m wondering if the sends may be split the same way?
Send 1,2,3,4 ? If it is try using 3 or 4 … Or in the patch there may be a ‘wet’ and ‘dry’? See if it will allow a wet only send?
Hard to tell without knowing the pod farm’s knobs.

Thanks Poppa, you got me thinking correctly and I figured it out.
The POD Farm is basically this popup that is a big lazy susan you spin using the mouse to
cycle thru all the possible amp and effect sims and hook them up as you want.
I thought I had just the wet mix of an echo on, but I also had original signal
getting mixed in.
Each equipment sim is different so you have to know how
the thing being simmed actually works.
They show you the actual controls of the unit
being simmed, is pretty good, but you have to know or guess how each one works.