Record to mono crashes ntrack

Record to mono crashes ntrack

I choose “Settings” on the record vumeter. In the dialogue, I specify Mono. It came up as stereo. Other settings are 16bit, Live processing enabled, apply to all channels.

When I click Ok, ntrack crashes.

This has occured over mutliple versions.

running 4.1.5 build 2040
Windows xp
SB Audigy 2 ZS

any ideas?

Here’s an update on the problem.

If I turn off the “apply to all channels” checkbox, it doesn’t crash.

Be careful with “apply to all channels” - it also sets the output channels to the same settings. So in your case you will end up with mono inputs AND mono output. Probably not what you want.

I wonder if there is something in the Creative driver that baulks at being set to a mono output and causes the crash.

There was a fix for the mono selection in a build later than 2040 (2066? 2084?). That might be your problem.

Anyway, selecting “apply to all channels” will set both inputs and outputs. I consider that to be a bug in the application since rarely will anyone want to use that option to do both at once. It’s useful for all inputs or all outputs of course.

I’ve seen drivers will crash if not set to stereo (or whatever). Most (maybe all) were ASIO and an attempt at opening the output as mono. n-Tracks would give it a try and KABLOOEY!!