Recording 8 tracks via firewire (Firepod)

Recording multiple tracks via firewire

Greetings n-trackers, all hail Flavio!

A friend recently purchased a Firepod unit and I have seen it running through his Mac, wow. This slick unit records 8 individual, super clean tracks, and dumps the info realtime to the mac via a firewire cable. He is running “GarageBand” on his Mac.
Before I start messing around, does anyone know if Ntrack could handle 8 tracks coming in via the firewire and record all 8 simultaneously (sp)? I know Ntrack can handle soundcards with multiple imputs, but could it handle 8 at once? This is assuming of course I have a fast machine and a big fast hard drive which I do, I’m just wondering about ntracks abilities.
I play in just a basement band but to be able to put 8 mics out there and have full control of all 8 at mixdown would be sweet. Any help or ideas are most welcome, thanks.

Sure n-Track can do the job. I have not used a FirePod but some other guys on here have used FireWire interfaces with success. I HAVE tracked 16 simultaneous inputs into n-Track with my EMU 1820M. So yeah, n can handle it. Note that having a separate, dedicated hard drive to record your audio files to will certainly help.


I’ve tracked up to 16 channels simultaneously through n-track. if you use the LIVE feature it’ll get pretty bogged down, but as long as you just monitor through your soundcard’s mixer and only record in n-track at the same time, it’ll work more than fine.

It will do it, and a lot better than GB will if there are already tracks in the can. (GB is way cool and easy to use, but a terrible CPU hog. Partly, perhaps, because it’s so easy to use too many plugins.)

Yeah, I do 16 over firewire with my herc fw 16/12


I have the Firepod too and it will record flawlessly…NTrack will not have any problems doing this sweet trick.