recording a jam

at the moment I record drums and then play them back while I record the guitar. That seems to be the tightest way to get synchronisation by myself.
Anyway, how can I record my drumming with someones guitar playing at the same time but on different track so they can be seperately edited later. My first thought was get two mics and an adapter to send the two sounds into one wire cable going into the back of the computer. But this would make it hard to get LEVELs right and hard for adding seperate effects when drums and guitar are on the same track.

Most every sound card has at least two inputs (stereo Left+Right) they can be used as two separate channels.

You’ll probably want a mixer to send the signal to the LINE IN of the computer then just send two separate L+R channels into the computer. Afterward you are free to edit either of them separately.


so do I get my levels from the mixer before the feed goes into the computer?:p :p

Quote (big bore @ Mar. 09 2005,00:52)
so do I get my levels from the mixer before the feed goes into the computer?:p :p

Yep :D Hope that they are nice ones!
Be sure to check your record vu levells in ntrack before hitting the record button! Sounds like your on your way to some good sounds!
:D Remember everyone here had to start figuring this stuff out at one point and like the big'shots say; there are no dumb questions, some questions are easier to answer than others :D

Just to clarify: you set the levels using your mixer, but not so the mix sounds good. Set the level for each track individually, so you end up recording as hot as possible but without any clipping. Of course, you leave some extra room (“headroom”) because someone might get too exuberant.

When working this way, click on the hammer below the recording meters and select “Two mono tracks”.

When you’re done recording, if the number above both sides on the meter is -6dB or higher (less negative) but NOT zero, then you’re all good! Later, during mixdown, you can adjust the relative volumes of the two tracks.