Recording distorted

I am new to N-track. When I make a simple recording the sound is strange when I playback.
It sound slow and distorted.
I have used no effect whatsoever.
If I import a wave file the playback is ok.
If I record into recorder in win10 it also sounds ok.
What do I do wrong?

Hi Jens,

I need some further info to better investigate the issue.

Are you using an external USB audio device? or the builtin one?
Which audio drivers are you using? (Wasapi, Asio, MME etc, you can check this by going to Settings->Audio device).
Which is the sampling frequency of your project? (Settings->Preferences)
Could you please send me a screenshot of the windows that appear going to Settings->Soundcard’s settings->Playback Format and Settings->Soundcard’s settings->Recording Format?



I use the buildin sound card on my Lenowo W701 labtop so it is MME.
Sampling f is 44100.


btw: when I use an USB soundcard it works fine so I will just skib the internal lenovo card

In the screenshots you sent me, I can see the button “Select I/O channels”, that it means that your builtin audio device is multi-input/output, which is a bit unusual for the builtin device.
I would like to investigate the issue deeper, could you please zip and send the n-Track configuration folder ("C:\Users[Your Username]\AppData\Roaming\n-Track Studio 9) to ?
(The App Data folder may be hidden, to show it from the Windows folder window, press the Alt key, then click on the View menu -> Options-> View tab, then activate the 'Show hidden files, folders, and drives’).