recording in stereo wit v.4

recording in stereo wit v.4

hey ive just upgraded to v.4, but av noticed wen i set the recording channels to stereo and then record, it does it in 2 mono tracks, this is rather annoying wen i come 2 adding effects, anyone know a reason for this?
with version 3.3, there was an option but there doesnt appear 2 b one in this. thanks

If you click on the little hammer at the bottom of the recording VU meter, it will give you the recording options.


ive done that but it records the left side as one mono track and the right side as another mono track, not both the left and right in one single stereo track.

Check again, there is an option to put a stereo signal into two mono tracks OR one stereo track. It’s there. I promise. :)

im talking about version 4, i no the option ur talking about cos i saw it in version 3.3, but it aint in v4.
r u using version 4 and can see that option then??

When you click the hammer icon in the recording VU-meter, there will pop up a window titled “select audio format”.

In the window you choose either stereo or two mono tracks (channels).

In version 4.

i select stereo, but it still records in 2 individual tracks, i want it in one like wot u can do with version 3.3

Look in the RECORD meter. Really, I promise it is there. What you are showing is the playback meter’s settings.

man how stupid am i! i c it now, wot a daft mistake.
thanks a lot 4 ur help guys!!!:D

Hee hee. :D