Recording of 1930's Kay Kraft archtop

I’ve been using nTrack for 3 years now. Fantastic program.
This recording sounds exactly like the guitar.

1930’s Kay Kraft archtop

David Berchtold


Nice pickin’ Dave.
Nice guitar too!


Hi David:
Thanks for the link to your page… You have IT laid out pretty nicely. Lots of information regarding your musical endevors, there. I am on a modem over here… So, streaming the audio you have is very time consumming, for me.

But, that’s a nice looking guitar you have…


Nice guitar, a bit of history and nice tone, nice playing, good tune.

Here’s a pic of my 1949 Gibson L4C, there were only a 100 Hand built by Gibson in 1949, all hand carved wood, beautiful tone.

Once you play it you can’t stop.


Nice pickin’…this type of music always puts a smile on my face. It’s so inocent and happy.

Thanks for the nice comments, every one. Guy, that’s one sweet looking ol’ Gibson.

I’ve got another recording I did a year or so ago that compare 3 guitars - a Collings and two Larrivees. You can check it out here: