recording skype calls in n-track

Has anyone had any luck doing this? If so, how? I’d love to find a way that happens entirely inside the machine and doesn’t involve spending any more money.

I’ve got an m-audio omnistudio and I’m running winxp



What’s a skype call?

Skype is a Voice of Internet Phone thing. I want to be able to record both sides of such a call into n-track (or another daw).


Does the m-audio let you select the monitor mix as the input source?

If so just arm that to record in n-Track and it should record whatever you are hearing

Otherwise if you have another soundcard (or onboard) set that as your default windows soundcard and play skype through that and then plug the output into an input on your m-audio.
If you can do that via spdif even better.
But this isn’t entirley within the box though…


I’ll give that a try.


unfortunately, that didn’t work. any other ideas?


There was a program I used to use called “Total Recorder” that would record to .wav ANYTHING going through your system.

Unfortunately, I think it’s it’s no longer a freebie but is shareware. Google it or go look over on (they should have a link to something similar over there…)

TapeIt is free…

It should be possible to do without third party software by setting the soundcard to record the wave output (or whatever it’s called on your card).

Afterall this is the reverse of the much repeated problem “why does my second track have my first track superimposed on it?”…


Will tapeit work?

I think, but don’t know for sure, that Skype uses its own exclusive soundcard driver. There may be some way of getting at it at the kernel level but damned if I know how. I haven’t tried recording Skype but I have tried recording Realplayer’s audio stream but haven’t figured out how to do it. But I must confess I’m a long ways from being a computer expert of any kind.


I haven’t tried recording Skype but I have tried recording Realplayer’s audio stream but haven’t figured out how to do it.

I’ve certainly done it without doing any special to record a couple of things from the 'net that were Real audio… or at least I don’t remember having any problems.


I managed to record a Skype call with Total Recorder basic. It’ll even put each side of the conversation on a separate channel, which is nice, because the levels often don’t match up quite right, and this allows you to add compression, eq, etc separately.

TR is also the ticket for recording things like Real Audio streams. For $18 it’s not a bad deal.

It just seems like there ought to be a way to record right into N or another DAW. But my comprehension of the M-Audio mixer and the windows sound stuff is a little thin, and I haven’t found a way yet.