HI everyone,
My problem is this I want to record on track 1 my rhythm guitar and on track 2 my solo
but when I start to record my solo On TRACK2,
it Re-Records whats on track 1…
I want each track to be individually independet from one another? can’t anyone help me…
i have a AUDIGY2 Zs PRO sound card from Creative labs…
i dont think its my sound card…
:( ???

See this thread: link

Wihan… you jinxed us.

I have the same problem. And when I plug my guitar into the sound card it doesnt sound good. And what does the N in N-track stand for. And why do girls laugh at me when I ask for a date. And what’s it all about? Really? :(

Gizmo, Not sure if you’re serious about any of those questions, but here goes…

Plugging in your guitar into the soundcard isn’t going to yield great results. You need som sort of pre-amp to boost the signal. Get a small used mixer and put yur guitar into that and send your mixer into the line-in (NOT the mic) input of your soundcard. THat should help a lot

The N in Ntrack has to do with enless tracks you can use (I think it’s referring to infinity)

Why do girls laugh… Dunno, but when you sell your first huge song for a zilllion dollars, they won’t do that anymore!

Soul, great answers, but more importantly, a great expression of how nice you people on this forum are. :)

Quote (soul&folk @ Nov. 18 2005,01:59)
The N in Ntrack has to do with enless tracks you can use (I think it's referring to infinity)

Kinda... He has the sideways 8 looking infinity sign in the logo... BUt n is truely a variable meaning you can pretty much assign any value to it. Though here I would assume whole numbers. How is that for pedantic? :D

The letter n is commonly used to identify integer (whole number) variables.
This goes to prove that, while you are completely right, your pedantry is improvable. :;):

Hi guys! DAT actually did the job. you guys are freaking great!. N-tracks has been my no.1 option to record…
and since I had the problem (which N-track didn’t had nothing to do) i started using Nuendo…and so they are both good…i’m still at that…NOT putting down N-tracks and i’m not talking bad about nuendo either…they both are good…
—Henrie-------- :D


your pedantry is improvable