Red Resample Messages

What Really Happens?

If I switch from a 24 bit audio playback device to a 16 bit, the tracks of the song have a Red message “Resample”.
When I switch back to 24 bit device,
ntrack asks if it can set the sampling frequency to match what it was recorded with.
I do so, and all is back to normal, red messages gone.

Does anyone know if the actual tracks wav files get messed with when this happens? Any degradation?

OK, I see.
I checked the wav file dates and nothing was ever touched.
Red messages are just warning about playback resampling 24 bit wav to feed my 16 bit sound card.


I believe when this happens that the files imported onto the timeline are converted on-the-fly to a common sampling order…
If your machine has lots of resources all is O.K.

However, if you have a machine that is stretched out you get the machine to close your project OR a screen says you have run out of resources and n-Track must close…
or something like that…

I don’t see any of that anymore with this dual processor machine…