Reg Clean


hey guys i use reg clean on my PC cause of audio minds. then one of our fellow N users (i forgot his name Sorry…) said that there are issues regarding reg clean. i want to know what are the cons of using it? cause i’m working on a project & fear that my PC will crash or explode. :laugh:
though it worked fine for me (regclean) i want to stay on the safe side for now & know more about the said program.


Take a backup of your system state before you do anything. Then, if you butcher the registry, you can go back to where you started. Backups are your friend.

thanks for the advice. so its still safe to use reg clean as long as i back-up?


Well, Microsoft does not officially endorse it for Win2k or XP. However, folks have used it on both Win2k and XP with success. Proceeed at your own risk. Is there any particular reason why you want to screw with the registry? Fixing something that ain’t broke perhaps?

FWIW, I use System Mechanic Professional on my DAW PC. It has a registry tool that clears out trash left over from un-installs and such. It automatically makes a backup so one can restore everything from Safe-Mode should something unforseen FUBAR the reg cleanup.

Having said that though… I have found the best way to keep a clean system is to set up a dual-boot system. I use one partition for general duty and testing out downloaded VST effects, VSTi, DXi etc… Once I have proven the effect/instrument in question can get along with n-Track, I reboot into the DAW only config and copy the files over and install 'em. Sure it’s a hassle to have to reboot to get to the web and stuff but compared to the BS I went through once before when clutter almost made my system unusable… I don’t mind at ALL.

More great tools… Norton’s Partition Magic and Ghost are money WELL SPENT IMO. I got 'em awhile back at Bestbuy bundled for like 89 bucks. CHEAP INSURANCE!!