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Rights to sell using ntrack

So, I’m new to ntrack and the music industry lol. I just downloaded it on my Android. I was wondering, when using ntrack do you hold the rights to the music that you make if you’re the original creator? Do you need some sort of license to sell the music? For example, if I use ntrack on my Android, record myself playing an actual guitar for a song that I made and then decide to package it up into a CD and sell it or sell it online, will I need a license for that? Also, what if I use the virtual instruments for an original work that I wrote? Do I still get to sell that too? Any information related to this would be helpful.

No. as far as I know. Any music you create is yours. Any 3rd party VST’s are royalty free as far as I know. I have not seen a VST with any restrictions in all my years but that’s not to say there are some out there that are not. That being said, n-Track is not like Reaper in this sense, in fact, you could build your entire song in Reaper then move it to n-track and master it on n-track and you’d be in the clear. If you did this in Reaper you might run into license problems. Another quality point for n-Track. Use n-Track, get rich…so to speak…:slight_smile:



The idea that the software used to record your music can claim a royalty for its uses, is similar to the maker of a hammer demanding Properity right to a house you built.