Registered but always beept for evaluation...


I have a strange problem. I downloaded and installed V4.0.3 yesterday. I entered my codes (upgraded from 3.x) and n-track registered me successful. In the about-box I can see that the program is registered to my name.

But then, while working, the message “Evaluation version…” appears and the program “beeps” some notes (D E D).
I restarted N and the whole computer. I reinstalled and re-registered. Nothing works!

What can I do?


Contact Flavio thru the support page and see if you need new codes. He will get it right for you.


Did you register any plugs you might be using IE Ntrack compressor? I know it supports self registration, but I have had it foul up before.

If yes, than I would do as Yaz says, wait 2-3 days for responce, then panic and post in here again!


Did you change your soundcard at the same time as upgrading?

The move from 16-bit to 24-bit soundcard gave me this error

Thank you all for your answers.

Yes, it had been a new soundcard (Soundblaster PCI 128) with ASIO4All. But ASIO forces n-Track allways to use 24 Bit. So n-Track complained about that.

The problem is, that I can’t get the WDM-drivers to work. I re-installed, rebooted, used the newest drivers (XP) but nothin changed. WDM-drivers generating “error opening wave input device…”. ASIO4All works fine (but only 24 Bit).


If you have the 24bit version, I had the same issue over the weekend. I could mix fine on 16bit, but when I changed my settings to 24 it would do the “eval version … inserting sound every 20 seconds”.

I requested tech support and the next day, Flavio replied back with a new set of codes. It turns out I had been given the wrong set of codes when purchasing the 24bit version.

hmmmm… I just upgraded to 24bit as well… (soundcard and N-Track) I haven’t had any problems like that yet, though I’m still working my way through a few other minor bugs…