Registration code problem!!!!

Hey Everyone
Just to let you know. I installed the latest build of N, and when I put my reg codes in they were rejected because some peckerhead or heads have been passing them around the net :(
I had to contact Flavio and he sent a prompt email telling me how to register it. Please don’t share your codes, even to friends, friends wouldn’t ask this from you and it’s not fair to Flavio. If someone can’t afford the measly amount of money for the software then they need to get a #### job :angry: Thanks for letting me rant.

I am starting to calm down now :)


You have a very refreshing view of such matters. I’ll bet that you don’t shoplift, “key” parked cars or break off car antennas either. Such things and software piracy are not “victomless crimes” we all pay the price.

You, Sir, are someone I would like to know.

Thanks for making this tired old Irishman’s day!