Registration error - still comes up as evalution

So I payed to get N-track unlocked as soon as I’d verified it would do all I want, to get rid of the annoying noises it keeps putting in.

However, put in codes, and the nagging box disappeared, not to be seen on restart, it comes up with my name as the registered owner in the about box, but when recording anything, it comes up with “Evaluation version, a noise will be added approx every 20 seconds” (Or something to that meaning) and makes a noise, completely ruining the recording.

Anyone know how to sort this?

I had issues like this with my registration.
The problem for me was that I was trying out the ASIO-4-All drivers. This made n-track think I was trying to use it in 24-bit mode. I am only registered for the 16-bit version.
Everytime I did a mixdown or recorded, it would inject the beep.

If you are registered for the 16-bit version, make sure n-track is not setup for 24-bit recording. Look in the settings, as well as the settings under the playback and record VU’s

Good luck

and if what the last guy said doesn’t work email flavio, I had issues with mine and he emailed back within 24 hours.

I had this same problem with the asio4all drivers… ended up just upgrading to the 24bit version…

cheers for the help. To use 16 bit, had to use the WDM drivers, which complained bitterly about so many things that they were ususable. So have had to upgrade to 24bit version.
Hoping ti won’t chuck up anything else now.