Registration Woes

My friend and I have just spent the last few weeks trying to record a demo. We were informed that the software was free. Everything was going fine, until we tried to convert our completed songs into WAV format for burning. To our dismay, there is a very loud beeping noise every 30 seconds. These beeps are louder than our music. Could someone please give us a hand. We can’t seem to fix the problem, and we don’t want to give out our credit card information over the internet. I’ve had a bad experience ordering things over the internet. Any help would be much appreciated.

Yours desperately, Jen

I think you are stuck if you don’t want to buy n-Tracks or use some other app in an attempt to salvage what you’ve recorded. n-Tracks is not free and never has been as far as I know (not in a long time if was). The demo is free to try, but has limitations as you’ve found out.

1) Buy it online even if you have reservations – Flavio is really good about fixing wrongs and such. I don’t think any of us have had problems with fraud. About the worse that happens is that the reg codes that get automatically emailed out when someone buys n-Tracks sometimes don’t work right. If that happens email Flavio directly and he’ll get you fixed up ASAP.

2) Buy n-Tracks via snail mail. You’ll get the same deal as online except you’ll avoid the online paranoia (which is not unfounded by the way).

3) Find a truly free app that will let you import your existing wave tracks for mixing. I honestly don’t know of a free one, but there probably is something out there. n-Tracks records in standard PCM format so it’s very easy to open them in other applications, like wave editors.

My personal suggestion is to be wary of internet purchases, but I think n-Tracks is cheap enough and Flavio honest enough that this is one time you’ll be OK.

I would recommend that you go ahead and purchase n-Track either directly through this website or via the Postal System with this order form.
If you are dead set on using a free program, you may want to try Kristal Audio Engine. You may be able to import the tracks you’ve recorded in n-Track into Kristal to render to CD.

Thanks a lot crankz. I’ll try that other program.


Not a problem … but still consider purchasing n-Track. It’s much more feature packed than Kristal.